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Software Integration is concerned with integrating a complete software system of the infotainment ECU (head unit) from different software components. It is one step before System Integration, which integrates an electronic control unit (ECU) into its surrounding network of devices and other ECUs.

Software integration gains significance

In a changing industry environment no single company can develop all the software of an automotive infotainment system themselves. Vehicle manufacturers have certain preferences regarding the selection of best-in-class applications for domains like navigation, like web browser or Bluetooth connectivity and others.

So the art of creating modern infotainment systems is more an act of integrating existing commercial or open source components than an exercise of development from scratch.

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  • MOST
  • CAN
  • Ethernet

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  • Linux/QNX
  • Android
  • Windows Embedded

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  • Screen ID & content
  • Remote HMI
  • MirrorLink

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