The automotive HMI runtime solution

EB GUIDE Graphics Target Framework (GTF) is the automotive HMI runtime solution for code generation and target integration. HMI code generation from EB GUIDE Studio can be seamlessly incorporated into EB GUIDE Graphics Target Framework (GTF).


  • Runtime engine for the HMI model in EB GUIDE Studio
  • Manages views, state machine and HMI relevant data and events
  • It provides efficient APIs to connect to all user inputs and middleware components
  • Written by embedded experts in C++

Main benefits of using EB GUIDE GTF

  • Jump start your project on a proven solution
  • Portable to many operation systems and graphics solutions
  • Available on many different platforms. Please contact us for support of a specific platform.
  • It is customizable to a wide extend to meet dedicated project requirements.

EB GUIDE GTF is available in two product lines

  • EB GUIDE GTF 2 is an optional framework for EB GUIDE Studio 3.x and 4.x. Learn more about EB GUIDE GTF 2.x
  • EB GUIDE GTF 5 in an integrated part of EB GUIDE 5 and already delivered with EB GUIDE Studio 5.
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