EB offers an array of infotainment software solutions

Infotainment software has become a very influential component in today’s automotive market and more consumers are influenced by a cars technology when making the decision to buy a car. Cars providing navigation systems, entertainment, and great user interfaces catch a higher percentage of the market. EB provides a way to integrate all of these and many more infotainment elements to give you the leading edge.

Our EB GUIDE studio provides a framework for comprehensive HMI development. As the reliable partner of renowned automobile manufacturers and suppliers over a number of years of cooperation, we know what the real challenges are for HMI development in the context of automobiles. And our answer: integrated HMI development and model-based specification with EB GUIDE Studio. Learn more about EB GUIDE -  click here to read more.

Today’s drivers expect more than just detailed and correct directions. They want compelling 3D map displays for a better orientation, integrated connected content as well online traffic but also efficient route calculation with options such as environmental friendly routing.  Additionally, world leading car makers emphasize the integration of driver assistance functions powered by map data. Car manufacturers expect a customizable user interface and map design to present a branded driving experience. Infotainment hardware producers appreciate an easy and brief integration phase that helps to fulfill their customers’ demands. With more than twelve years of experience in the field of navigation software, EB is a trusted partner to equip tomorrow’s cars with state-of-the-art directions. click here to read more.

Our engineers assist in integrating solutions for major OEMs. We utilize tools such as Windows Embedded Software, several Operating Systems, MOST, CAN, Ethernet Network Services and more. To find out a comprehensive list of our abilities click here to read more.

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