Functional Safety and AUTOSAR

Functional Safety is becoming more and more important for today’s automotive industry. Therefore, EB Automotive took the next step to enable widely available AUTOSAR electronic control units (ECUs), by helping customers develop and integrate applications into safety related systems in accordance with the ISO26262 standard up to the highest safety classification level, ASIL D. Additionally, our solutions conform with the IEC61508 and range up to the SIL 3 for non-automotive use.

EB Automotive’s concepts and mechanisms are approved for mass production and seamlessly integrate into the EB tresos product line.

Functional Safety Solutions by EB Automotive offer:

  • Best-in-class solutions for ISO26262 / IEC61508 requirements
  • Complete freedom from interference
  • Extensive multi-core expertise
  • Ready for mass production and already in use at several car manufacturers

EB tresos Safety Architecture



Example configuration: EB tresos Safety products allow a very flexible partitioning depending on the customer project needs.

Certified Safety Operating System

EB Automotive earned a Functional Safety certification by the assessment agency exida for the EB tresos Safety OS.

Exida confirmed EB Automotive software capability for use in ASIL D applications such as electrical power steering. Additionally, the Operating System is certified for SIL 3 used in non-automotive projects. ASIL D and SIL 3 rank among the highest security levels for functional safety according to the ISO26262 / IEC 61508 specifications for electric and electronic components.

Statement by Rainer Faller, Principal Partner of exida:

“During the independent certification for functional safety to ISO 26262 ASIL D performed by exida, it became clear that the EB tresos Safety OS microkernel has been developed from the ground up for safety applications. The assessment was greatly supported by the high level of competence of the Elektrobit development team”.


Learn from the experts at EB Automotive and exida in this interview on the certification process and how partners and customers benefit from such a certification.

EB tresos Functional Safety Products

We extended our EB tresos AutoCore with high quality EB tresos Safety products to meet all requirements for safety related projects:

EB tresos Safety OS

EB tresos Safety OS


Data Protection: To provide a safe execution environment for safety critical functions, EB Automotive took proven concepts such as the Microkernel and System Calls from the aerospace and industrial markets. The result is a robust and protected Safety Operating System (OS) with compatibility to the latest AUTOSAR standard.

EB tresos Safety RTE

EB tresos Safety RTE


Data Protection: The EB tresos Safety RTE takes care of the safe handling of RTE services between software in different partitions.

EB tresos Safety TimE Protection

EB tresos Safety TimE Protection


Execution Protection: EB tresos Safety TimE Protection is a software module which enables the timing and execution supervision of safety related applications. Thus, it provides freedom from interference of safety related software modules in regards to time and execution.

EB tresos Safety E2E Protection

EB tresos Safety E2E Protection


Communication Protection: EB tresos Safety E2E Protection is a set of modules that support the transmission of safety related data between ECUs. It consists of an end-to-end communication protection library and an end-to-end protection wrapper for the integration into an AUTOSAR basic software stack.

Customer Benefits:

Functional Safety solutions by EB Automotive reduce the complexity of safety architectures and simplify safety analysis:

  • Mix of Safety and QM (Quality Management) software possible
  • Integration of Black Box Software possible
  • Availability of Safety Mechanisms - independent of QM software
  • Reduced time and effort for projects
  • Architecture can be extended to Multi-Core devices
  • Efficient integration of Functional Safety and AUTOSAR from one development partner
  • Available for several Microcontrollers including Freescale, STM, Infineon, Texas Instruments and Renesas Electronics
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