Driver Assistance and Safety Systems Software Solutions

Driver Assistance and Safety Systems are important growth components for car makers today and into the future. Forward-looking trends such as Green Driving (energy efficient), Safe Driving and Autonomous Driving necessitate the need for intelligent vehicles. The demand for cars that watch, communicate, think, respond to driver’s needs and their surrounding elements are increasing. These features require reliable and sophisticated software solutions.

EB Automotive is recognized globally as an expert in Driver Assistance software solutions, ranging from out of the box products for development, validation and measurement to engineering services for integration and maintenance of modules and components.

Various sensors and technologies such as radar, ultrasonic, video cameras, navigation and wireless communications (Car2X) make Driver Assistance an innovative and growing sector. Driver Assistance products and solutions from EB transform the complexity of integrating and managing these technologies and turning them into value-added solutions.

Customers worldwide trust EB’s commitment to high quality software solutions.Read more about our Success Stories.

EB Driver Assistance products and solutions (EB Assist) work hand in hand with our Navigation, HMI or ECU divisions. EB Automotive is your partner, ready to respond to the future Driver Assistance and Safety Systems challenges.

EB Driver Assistance covers the entire product life-cycle of Driver Assistance and Safety Systems software

  • Prototyping/testing new ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) algorithms
  • Prototyping/testing new sensors·
  • Interfacing/testing new hardware
  • Algorithms development test
  • Development/integration of ADAS function on target hardware SiL
  • System test HiL
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