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Reinhold Mertens, Vice President Business Development and Key Partnerships at EB Automotive, has retired at the end of February 2014 and will formally leave EB by the end of August 2014. EB expresses big thanks for his long-term dedication and achievements for developing EB’s automotive software business.

Martin Schleicher will be stepping into leading Key Partnerships in addition to his role of leading EB Automotive Marketing and Strategy.

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Out now: EB Assist Car Data Recorder

Discover EB´s new and unique automotive product for recording data during test drives. EB Assist Car Data Recorder provides comfortable in-car usability, lower error rates and extendable functionality. Read the press release.​

Interview with Alex Kocher, President EB Automotive

ATZ Elektronik interviews Alex Kocher about future trends in the automotive industry. Topics include driver assistance functions, autonomous driving, and connected services. The interview provides valuable insight into car maker–supplier relationships, functional safety, and software development efficiency. Read the English​ or German​ version.

EB Automotive Product Nominated for Product of the Year Award

The German magazine Elektronik nominated the EB tresos Safety Operating System for the “Electronic Product of the Year” award in the “automotive” category. As the only software product in this category, EB tresos OS competes with 10 hardware products.

AUTOSAR Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary This Year

AUTOSAR celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The milestone brought attention to the AUTOSAR development partnership. Read an interview with Dr. Jochen Schoof discussing the partnership and highlighting the common history of EB & AUTOSAR, as well as his expectations for the future.

New Release: EB GUIDE 5.5

EB Automotive announced its latest release of EB GUIDE 5.5, its Human Machine Interface (HMI) development tool. The announcement was made at the Electronics in Vehicles Conference in Baden-Baden, Germany, on October 16th. Read the full press release or our HMI news page about this exciting new development.

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EB Automotive’s Rainer Holve Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal explored the world of apps and what the driver will see in the cars of the future. Read the on-line article here. ​

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