Through our many years of experience in the automotive environment, we have acquired a profound knowledge about the practices of the automobile manufacturers and their processes. EB Automotive provides products and solutions to OEM and Tier 1 suppliers in all phases of the development cycle. Software engineering is a particularly important and often underestimated aspect of increasingly complex systems in the infotainment domain as well as in software and system integration.

Automotive Software Factory

As software has become more complex in today’s competitive market, EB Automotive has introduced a new concept for automated software development and integration called the Automotive Software Factory.   

EB Automotive has deployed economies of scale to reduce development time and associated costs. This allows customers and developers the ability to manage the rising number of software versions and variations while ensuring quality and system accessibility. Product line methodology includes defined processes, standardized methods for assembly, integration and testing. Visualization is also an essential feature at the factory; which supports long-term archiving, even 15 years after production has been completed.  During the entire process, EB Automotive software experts provide professional service and supervision.

By centralizing software development, EB Automotive Software Factory, ensures the same high quality of software is guaranteed – regardless of the development site. This concept applies not only to driver assistance, but for infotainment and ECU engineering projects

Product Services

For over two decades of proven experience in developing software technologies for the automotive industry, we’ve provided quality services for each of our products. Here you’ll find solutions for Infotainment, Navigation, ECU and Driver Assistance.

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